Specimen colours do not always reflect the true colours, due to digital processing, although we try to keep the colours as natural as possible.

Weight and sizes are approximates. Ts&Cs apply.

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Hi, my name is Alexander, owner of MineralWorld Australia and I live at Australia's beautiful East Coast. My goal is to offer a new generation of collectors the opportunity to obtain some rare, but also some more common minerals.  I have been collecting minerals for over four decades. Hoping to inspire you to start collecting, I offer specimens of my collection for sale at reasonable prices. Nowadays, collecting is not a cheap hobby any more. Closing mines, tight legislation about prospecting and mining, and free access to information has changed and is still changing the way minerals are collected.


I also must face the fact that I will not be on this earth forever. I trust a new generation will love my minerals, as I did for many years. Enjoy the art nature offers through the photographs on this website.  All pictures have been made by myself, and subject to copyrights.


Colourful regards,


Mamashimi Trust ABN 56 569 236 492